Minecraft University Beta – Take Crafting and Building Projects to New Levels!

Welcome Player, to Minecraft University Beta v0.15b! Our web database is launching a public beta on February 14, 2015. We are rapidly upgrading our server daily and rolling out many missing features from the website as we move towards grander things to come. Please enjoy your stay at Minecraft University. Currently we do not have any feedback mechanisms setup, and this will be rectified in the upcoming Community Content coming in version v0.15 later this month.

List of New Blocks Added

Thaumcraft 4

Thaumcraft 4 Mod

Cinnabar Ore
Air Infused Stone
Fire Infused Stone
Water Infused Stone
Earth Infused Stone
Order Infused Stone
Entropy Infused Stone
Amber Bearing Stone
Obsidian Tile
Obsdian Totem
Arcane Stone Block
Arcane Stone Bricks

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Expansion Mod

Tinker's Alloy Block
Copper Block
Electrum Block
Enderium Block
Invar Block
Lead Block
Nickel Block
Shiny Block

List of New Items Added

Minecraft (Vanilla)

Minecraft 1.8.3

Armor Stand
wait Disc

Thaumcraft 4

Thaumcraft 4 Mod

Air Shard
Fire Shard
Water Shard
Earth Shard
Order Shard
Entropy Shard
Thaumium Boots
Thaumium Leggings
Thaumium Chestplate
Thaumium Helm
Thaumium Hoe
Thaumium Shovel
Thaumium Pickaxe
Thaumium Axe
Magic Tallow
Thaumium Ingot

New Features Coming Soon

Beta v0.16 - Community Content
Completed by May 15, 2015 (Est.)
  • User Logins & Membership.
  • User Levels and XP
  • Upload and Share your Minecraft Screenshots
  • Rate Blocks, Items, and Mods.
  • Discuss and Ask Questions about Specific Blocks & Items
Announced Features Coming Soon
Estimated Soon(ish)
  • Import Minecraft Skin/Avatar to Profile
  • Functional Loot Simulator
  • Thaumcraft Aspects in Search Results
  • Administration Backend for Contributors
  • Exciting Secret Features Coming Soon!

Recently Added Features and Updates

Android Release
Forged April 4, 2015

Faster and phone optimized Android version of our Block and Item Information available for Download Free on Google Play!

Beta v0.15 - Live Production Update
Forged March 2, 2015
Beta v0.1b
Forged February 9, 2015
  • Color Matcher Tool now has the 16 default Minecraft Dye icons present for ease of use.
  • Index (this page) now displays 40 of the most recently added blocks and items in the database.
  • Introduced Mod Dependencies to Mod pages. Added COFHCore and Baubles Mods.
  • Massive backend improvements for performance. Most pages fully load in under 2 seconds now. Gotta go fast!
  • Small tweaks and improvements to layout on nearly every page.

Beta v0.1a
Forged January 31, 2015

About Minecraft University

Minecraft University (AKA ‘MineU’ or ‘MU’) is a sophisticated web server database that has been manually populated with advanced features and information about Mods, Blocks, and Items in Minecraft cited from open sources around the web such as Wiki’s, forum posts, and Reddit. Minecraft University does not attempt to emulate Minecraft, but rather processes the information in our Database in a way that is efficient for viewing on a popular website.

The ultimate goal for this project is to build a friendly Minecraft community where players can foster their game creations, in an environment that encourages open experimentation, team work, and sharing of building projects.

Minecraft Game Information

Minecraft is a 3D multi–platform building and survival game written in Java by Mojang Inc. The component based nature of Minecraft’s pseudo’voxel engine and large scope of items and blocks in the game, have given us (Minecraft University, unaffiliated with Mojang Inc.) a prime opportunity to instruct players of the game with detailed information which effects both playing adventure survival and building interesting projects in Minecraft.

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