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Thaumcraft 4

Mod Version for Minecraft.

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Mod Name
Thaumcraft 4
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Forge Mod Compatible
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Mod Coverage
Mod Created
October 15, 2014
Mod Modified
February 5, 2015

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Thaumcraft 4 Summary

Thaumcraft is a magic and alchemy themed Minecraft mod designed by Azanor. It features the potential for powerful automation through the unique use of golem helpers, including item and liquid transportation. There is also an interesting ore doubling mechanic through the use of a multi-block furnace.

Thaumcraft features interesting mini game. For example, advancement in the mod is done through a tech tree research mechanic, that can either be a mini game, or purchased through a point-buy system. Magical items must be created through a special Infusion Crafting game.

A Core concept in Thaumcraft is the introduction of a resource called ‘Essentia’, which is distilled from most blocks and items in the game using Alchemy. This Essentia is broken down into nearly 50 different types called ‘Aspects’. Each aspect governs over a certain domain theme that makes sense within the context of Minecraft. For example Terra (earth), can be found on blocks like dirt, grass, and stone. Aqua can be found on Water and Water Buckets. These Aspects also translate into magical energy called ‘Vis&rsquol;, which still retains each magical domain, but is used in spell casting with your wands, magical construction, and other feats magical in nature. A full list of Aspects, as well as the best Blocks and Items to use for Essentia can be found here.

Thaumcraft 4 Blocks

Previewing 20 Blocks [Advanced View All Blocks]

Air Infused Stone Block
Air Infused Stone
Amber Bearing Stone Block
Amber Bearing Stone
Amber Block Block
Amber Block
Arcane Stone Block Block
Arcane Stone Block
Arcane Stone Bricks Block
Arcane Stone Bricks
Cinnabar Ore Block
Cinnabar Ore
Earth Infused Stone Block
Earth Infused Stone
Entropy Infused Stone Block
Entropy Infused Stone
Fire Infused Stone Block
Fire Infused Stone
Flux Gas Block
Flux Gas
Flux Goo Block
Flux Goo
Golem Fetter Block
Golem Fetter
Obsdian Totem Block
Obsdian Totem
Obsidian Tile Block
Obsidian Tile
Order Infused Stone Block
Order Infused Stone
Paving Stone of Travel Block
Paving Stone of Travel
Paving Stone of Warding Block
Paving Stone of Warding
Tallow Block Block
Tallow Block
Thaumium Block Block
Thaumium Block
Water Infused Stone Block
Water Infused Stone

Thaumcraft 4 Items

Previewing 19 Items [Advanced View All Items]

Air Shard Item
Air Shard
Amber Item
Earth Shard Item
Earth Shard
Entropy Shard Item
Entropy Shard
Fire Shard Item
Fire Shard
Magic Tallow Item
Magic Tallow
Order Shard Item
Order Shard
Quicksilver Item
Thaumium Axe Item
Thaumium Axe
Thaumium Boots Item
Thaumium Boots
Thaumium Chestplate Item
Thaumium Chestplate
Thaumium Helm Item
Thaumium Helm
Thaumium Hoe Item
Thaumium Hoe
Thaumium Ingot Item
Thaumium Ingot
Thaumium Leggings Item
Thaumium Leggings
Thaumium Pickaxe Item
Thaumium Pickaxe
Thaumium Shovel Item
Thaumium Shovel
Thaumium Sword Item
Thaumium Sword
Water Shard Item
Water Shard