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Best Sources of Meto Essentia

Meto is A Compound Aspect from Thaumcraft 4

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About this Page

Blocks and Items that have the Meto Aspect attached to them are included on this list. If ‘Centrifuge Aspects’ is enabled in the options below, then this list will also include other aspects that can be Centrifuged into the Aspect you are looking for. Centrifuged Aspect items may be listed with partial Essentia amounts because they are calculated as an average return from the Centrifuge.

Essentia sources on this list are sorted according to block/item rarity, which is a relative scale used by Minecraft University to compare how easy it is to obtain items in comparison to each other.

Aspect Domains

Harvest, Reap

Aspect Color

Wood Brown

Meto Centrifuges Into

Messis Aspect
Instrumentum Aspect

List Options

Centrifuge Aspects:
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