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Thermal Expansion

Mod Version for Minecraft.

Thermal Expansion Screenshot

Basic Mod Stats

Mod Name
Thermal Expansion
Mod Authors
KingLemming, Jadedcat, ZeldoKavira, skyboy026
Forge Mod Compatible

Minecraft University Stats

Mod Coverage
Mod Created
October 15, 2014
Mod Modified
February 5, 2015

Mod Color
Pantone Orange

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Thermal Expansion Mod Dependencies

COFHCore Dependency
Minecraft Version: 1.6.4

Thermal Expansion Summary

Thermal Expansion is a well made technology mod, and is a natural evolution to older tech mods like Buildcraft and Industrial Craft. It boasts reasonable additions to worldgen with a few ores like copper, tin, and silver. It also introduces an energy power system called Redstone Flux (RF), which is used not only throughout the mod, but is quickly becoming a standard for many other technology mods in the Minecraft community.

Many useful single block machines are present in the mod that do not require complicated setups. These machines are well thought out, in that they can operate independantly for simple tasks, but also function well together in production chains for full autonomay. Some machines of note are the Pulverizer, which is the basis of the ore doubling mechanic in the mod, the Powered Furnace, and the Slag Furnace, which provide faster and better means of smelting items.

Thermal Expansion also provides the means to transport blocks and items through piping networks called ducts. Filtering is possible on these networks, allowing for complex machine setups.

Thermal Expansion Blocks

Previewing 22 of 31 Thermal Expansion Blocks [View All Blocks]

Blazing Pyrotheum Block
Blazing Pyrotheum
Copper Block Block
Copper Block
Copper Ore Block
Copper Ore
Creative Strongbox Block
Creative Strongbox
Destabilized Redstone Block
Destabilized Redstone
Electrum Block Block
Electrum Block
Enderium Block Block
Enderium Block
Energized Glowstone Block
Energized Glowstone
Gelid Cyrotheum Block
Gelid Cyrotheum
Hardened Glass Block
Hardened Glass
Hardened Strongbox Block
Hardened Strongbox
Induction Smelter Block
Induction Smelter
Invar Block Block
Invar Block
Lead Block Block
Lead Block
Lead Ore Block
Lead Ore
Liquifacted Coal Block
Liquifacted Coal
Nickel Block Block
Nickel Block
Nickel Ore Block
Nickel Ore
Powered Furnace Block
Powered Furnace
Pulverizer Block
Reinforced Strongbox Block
Reinforced Strongbox
Resonant Ender Block
Resonant Ender

Thermal Expansion Items

Previewing 22 of 44 Thermal Expansion Items [View All Items]

Blizz Powder Item
Blizz Powder
Cinnabar Item
Copper Ingot Item
Copper Ingot
Copper Nugget Item
Copper Nugget
Electrum Ingot Item
Electrum Ingot
Electrum Nugget Item
Electrum Nugget
Enderium Ingot Item
Enderium Ingot
Enderium Nugget Item
Enderium Nugget
Ferrous Ingot Item
Ferrous Ingot
Invar Ingot Item
Invar Ingot
Invar Nugget Item
Invar Nugget
Lead Ingot Item
Lead Ingot
Lead Nugget Item
Lead Nugget
Nickel Nugget Item
Nickel Nugget
Platinum Nugget Item
Platinum Nugget
Shiny Ingot Item
Shiny Ingot
Silver Ingot Item
Silver Ingot
Silver Nugget Item
Silver Nugget
Tin Ingot Item
Tin Ingot
Tin Nugget Item
Tin Nugget
Tinker's Alloy Ingot Item
Tinker's Alloy Ingot
Tinker's Alloy Nugget Item
Tinker's Alloy Nugget